The Sui Directory is the home for projects being built on Sui, as submitted by the builders themselves. It is an opportunity for developers to share their work and for the community to explore what exists. Anyone with an active app, product, or service can submit their information for publication in the directory.

Inclusion in the directory does not indicate any affiliation with or endorsement by Sui. Project profiles are for informational purposes only.


Q: What is the Sui Directory?
A: The Sui Directory is a repository of projects being built on Sui, contributed by the builders themselves. Developers can add their project information directly on the site. The goal is to offer builders an opportunity to increase visibility of the project and to foster networking and collaboration across the Sui ecosystem.


Q: How do I submit a project?
A: Complete the submission form here https://sui.directory/submit-project.


Q: I submitted my project details. When will my profile page be public?
A:  After submission, all projects are reviewed by admins who evaluate the quality, relevance, and completeness of the information provided. The review process ensures all projects published in the directory are in good standing with the community.This process should take approximately 3-5 days.


Q: Who is eligible to submit a project to the directory?
A: Any developer or development team can submit their project, provided that they meet the submission criteria and guidelines.


Q: What types of projects are featured in the directory?
A: Sui Directory will accept & publish information on all types of projects, including Gaming, DeFi, developer tooling, and more.


Q: How do I update a project once it’s been published?
A: You can update your project information after it has been published on the website by sending a request through the directory’s support form https://sui.directory/contact. Updates are subject to review before publishing.


Q: How can I connect with the people or teams behind the listed projects?
A: All project profiles have contact information you can use to connect with the project team. This information should not be used for promotional or marketing purposes. Violators may have their participation in Sui community events and programs limited/prohibited.


Q: My team wants to remain pseudonymous but we want a project profile on the Sui Directory. Is this permitted?
A: You do not need to share names or contact information to participate along with your project details in the Sui Directory. Only share such info if you want the Sui community to be able to contact you or your team.