ABEx is a pioneering on-chain derivatives & swap protocol. It provides zero slippage and high leverage trading services, together with a synthetic architecture to improve capital efficiency.

Project Description

For Traders:
1. No Account Required: ABEx enables users to trader without registration, facilitating quick and convenient access to trading.
2. High Leverage: Depending on the token type, ABEx offers up to 50X leverage, allowing traders to enhance their potential returns.
3. Zero Price Impact: By utilizing concentrated liquidity from ABEx Liquidity Providers and oracle feed price, the platform ensures that traders can enter and exit positions at market prices without impacting market price.
4. Versatile Assets: By utilizing synthetic architecture, ABEx takes any index assets as collateral and supports a wide range of tradable assets including cryptocurrency, commodities, stocks and more.
5. Decentralized Quotation: To maintain transparent and stable pricing, ABEx incorporates multiple data sources, such as mainstream oracles and self-quotation through leading exchanges.

For liquidity providers:
Revenue Sharing: ABEx distributes 70% of its protocol revenues to liquidity providers (ALP), while the remaining 30% is allocated to ABEx Token (ABX) holders.
Lower Risk: To mitigate potential losses for ALP during one-sided market conditions, ABEx introduces a dynamic funding rate which secures LPs long term return.
High Capital Efficiency: ABEx offers yield strategy services to ALP based on the idle funds in the liquidity pool, helping to maximize returns under most market conditions.

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