Aftermath Finance

CEX but on-chain. Your one-stop DeFi hub on Sui.

Project Description

Aftermath is building an all-in-one platform for trading, investing, and earning yield that is fast, inexpensive, and fully transparent. Our focus on intuitive user experience across multiple verticals combined with the performance of the Sui network makes Aftermath the ultimate trading venue for speculators, hedgers, and arbitrageurs alike.

Our talented team of Sui Move developers are building multiple core products which we will expand upon in the months and years to come to create all manner of markets and strategies across the DeFi and GameFi sectors. We will have something for everyone, regardless of their level of sophistication, market outlook, or risk-tolerance. We are proud to be a partner of Mysten Labs, and winner of the Sui Builder Hero award. Our verticals, in the order in which plan to bring them to market are:

Indices: Our Constant Function Market Maker (CFMM) allows for the creation of pools of up to 12 assets of arbitrary weights, and supports both the constant mean and stableswap invariant functions. Index pools can be used for portfolio management, spot swaps, and yield farming. Our multi-asset pools combined with the stableswap invariant will offer the lowest slippage trades between assets such as stable coins, ETH, and BTC from the various bridges connected to Sui.

Liquid Staking Derivatives: Our LSD afSUI is a yield-bearing token which allows SUI tokens staked to secure the network to also be liquid for use in DeFi. Aftermath is one of 95 genesis validators for the Sui network, enabling a strong incentive flywheel for afSUI, an omnichain asset which can be used across various blockchain ecosystems.

Perpetuals: Utilizing an order book execution layer optimized for the speed and throughput of Sui, our perpetuals market allows traders to leverage trade various assets including crypto, forex, and commodities. Bots available via our SDK and LP vaults will allow retail to participate in the market making game, and ensure deep liquidity and tight spreads for traders.

NFT and GameFI: Sui is positioned to become the predominant ecosystem for gaming and all which comes with it; namely in-game assets which people want to trade and speculate on. We believe the markets we create for NFTs and in-game assets have the potential to outpace our markets for traditional crypto assets, and are excited to see the Sui GameFi landscape take shape in the near future.

Lending: Featuring isolated lending pools, our money market will allow holders of Sui network assets to earn yield, obtain leverage, or short assets. Our lending architecture provides both the liquidity and security required for a nascent ecosystem like Sui, with the modularity to expand to NFT lending and beyond.

Options: Our hybrid architecture aggregates liquidity through Decentralized Options Vaults (DOVs), while also integrating with our order book settlement layer. This allows our vaults to both buy and sell options to traders and market makers on the order book. Our options contracts support both full and partial collateralization, as well as physical or cash settlement. DeFi options have enormous room for growth, and we are keen to demonstrate how Sui will be the catalyst the segment needs.

Structured Products: Aftermath is committed to the Sui ecosystem long term. We have a multi-year roadmap of products to build, and are constantly dreaming up even more. From automated market-making vaults, to one-click hedging strategies, cross-chain derivatives arbitrage, to interest rate swaps…there are a plethora of strategies that can be created on top of our foundational products.

We are always keen to connect with other builders in the Sui ecosystem to explore collaborations, products we can build together, or to offer technical support. Feel free to reach out to us through our socials with any questions or ideas you may have.

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