Fastest on-chain exchange for derivatives built on Sui Trade perps with 20x leverage, options coming soon. OTC-RFQ desk for institutions to trade size without orderbook impact

Project Description

Kriya is a DeFi project focused on building sophisticated infra for trading derivatives on-chain. The core problems we aim to solve via our products are:

– Capital Inefficiency
– Inaccurate Price Discovery
– Fragmented Liquidity
– Disproportionate Custodian Risk

We’ve built 2 products so far:

KriyaDEX is an orderbook based DEX for trading perpetuals with 20x leverage and minimal latency (achieved TPS ~100 on devnet, package in top 10 by #txns)
KriyaSwap is an AMM for spot trading (Used by 10k wallets on devnet)

Our vision is simple yet very focused : Be as good as BitMex/Binance but on-chain 💪

– Grossly improve DeFi Derivatives UX, multiple order types, multiple product types
– Aggregate liquidity : Orderbook LPing just like AMMs, Basis Yield Vaults
– Integrate with UNIDEX-like perp aggregators in-app to bring cross-chain liquidity
– Release options DEX (on the same OB or a single-writer auction infra)
– See if our OB tech is good enough to be outsourced across Sui protocols (could be Sui SERUM) / Make it faster with ZK proofs somehow
– Using perp and options DEX as backend, build advisory vaults (mostly not for retail but DAO treasuries, concentration risk with own token is an open problem)
– Cross-chain margin account (like a superior gearbox)

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