OmniBTC is a decentralized cross-chain swap and lend/borrow platform build on top of the Sui, aiming to connect and unify all the on-chain liquidity for seamless and low-cost cross-chain transactions.

Project Description

We offers a few key features and benefits:

1. Sui-DEX-Aggregation: by aggregating DEXs on Sui, users can swap assets with the lowest slippage, the lowest cost and the hightest speed.
2. Cross-chain Swap: users can realize cross-chain swap with 1-click across multi-VM ecosystems, now supporting both EVM and Move-VM.
3. Cross-chain Lending: users can deposit assets on other chains, then borrow assets on Sui.

In our opinion, Sui currently needs a cross-chain financial application capable of handling large amounts of capital, allowing users to seamlessly and cost-effectively bridge funds from other public chains to Sui. By using OmniBTC, users can:

Bridge large amounts of funds to Sui with a single click. We aggregate DEXs and cross-chain protocols across various chains, ensuring low latency and low-cost transactions for users.

For users concerned about asset security, they can deposit their funds in our destination chain contracts and borrow assets on Sui, further increasing security and capital utilization while enjoying the basic variable APY we provide.
By aggregating DEXs locally on Sui, the new public chain Sui can have deep liquidity pools to support large transactions, allowing users to confidently experience products on Sui.

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