Suia is a social dApp built on Sui, where you can build new relationships based on NFT ownership. We received Sui Grants & Sui Builder Heroes from Sui foundation.

Project Description is a social dApp built on SuiNetwork that aims to create a new kind of community—which is open, powerful and user-driven.

Suia will provide users with four innovations: personalized NFT recommendations that are as easy to use as Tiktok, the Feed-based on-chain activity, the brand club based on NFT, and the combinable personal spaces.

We believe that the ownership of digital assets is an important part of the new generation of society. People who hold the same assets can become friends, colleagues, and even family.

After 10 months of building, we have over 220K users, 50 Sui core brands and a community of 300K people, daily UV reaches 5k and received the Sui Grant & Sui Builder Heroes from Sui foundation. We are also the dev partner of Mystenlabs, which introduced over 80+ projects to Sui Team.

Now, we will move towards decentralized and self-running. Decentralized allows us to create a truly open and permissionless environment. Self-running means that it is powered by the community itself. We rely on the expertise and passion of our users to help us grow and improve. This creates a sense of ownership and investment in the platform that is essential for its long-term success.

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